What kind of tea to bring back from China

This question is often asked of me by friends, acquaintances and strangers. It usually sounds like this: “My uncle/aunt/brother/SWAT travels to China. I know that the best tea and I love tea, to ask what to bring and how to choose?”Often I want to respond “no” but first, it is dishonest, and secondly, someone might think thus I decline to purchase only me. This is not so. I just sincerely worried about the reputation of tea, which is

like my entire adult life. And always get upset when a store arrives the buyer already Otpusti once Teguanin (for example) brought such an inexperienced uncle or aunt from China, received a negative experience and stating “I Drank your Teguanin, it to me straight from China were brought in, nothing special!”.

We all love to get the original product from the country of manufacture, and in an ideal world I would have each advised to go to any tea market in China and to buy. But world is not ideal, and Chinese marketing this kind of marketing! But I still try to give good advice* in this post.

*These tips are unlikely to be useful to those who speaks fluent Mandarin, or knows a reliable suppliers of tea in China, or are well-versed on the tea market, or simply don’t worried about quality and price of tea, which plans to buy (after all, tea — it is always perfect, even if not very high quality).

Tip 1. Choose not on clothes. Beautiful gift boxes and packages of — this, of course, awesome. But nothing compares with the collected and processed manually Taiping Houkou in the most ordinary tin with flat sides.

Tip 2. Don’t look at the price, not talking about the price, don’t choose by price. Choose the nose, eyes and hands. Not stanaitis “plunge” whole head in the bag of tea and inhale the smell. Don’t hesitate to pick up the leaves, look at the form, make sure that every leaf is whole, not broken. And then ask how much a particular tea. By the way, picking his nose and hands, you can impress seasoned caamano, not a visiting tourist, and this will positively influence the purchase price.

Tip 3. Bargain. The probability that the price is too high — 100%. So do not hesitate, wypoczywaja eyes at the first price, whileits with knowledge of the case, hearing the second, and only a third agree. And be polite. Bargaining bargaining, but tea “basenote” does not tolerate.

Tip 4. Do not dwell on the well-known teas. Yes, Puer Special Teguanin, Monkey king, Baihao Injan, Jin Jun Mei and another ten famous teas of China — it’s magic, time-tested. But there are many little-known but nevertheless great teas, which can be a real boon. Besides buying a little-known tea, so you don’t risk falling under the spell of clever Chinese marketing.

Tip 5. Do not hesitate to ask experienced chaemanov living in China. Chamani — it’s a big commune, you will be helped, if you have the time, go with you to the market and to help practical advice. In saying this, I mean, and their Chinese friends and suppliers, and all known “tea” characters like Gregor Potemkin. Do not hesitate to ask!

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