Useful properties cacao

For the manufacture adored by all, especially the weak half of humanity, chocolate using cocoa beans. Their homeland is Mexico, where the Aztecs enjoyed a wonderful drink that is very refreshing, gives energy and strength. But when you hear about the beneficial properties of cocoa, in mind there are NO cocoa beans, and cocoa powder derived from soy beans. It is rich in fiber. organic fatty acids, proteins, saturated fatty acids, as well as sugar, starch, b vitamins, vitamins a, PP (nicotinic acid), E. The trace elements included in the composition powder: zinc, copper, potassium, magnesium, iron, calcium, phosphorus, fluorine, chlorine, sulfur (sulphur), molybdenum.

In 100 grams of cocoa powder contains 280 — 290 calories, so it is better to refuse those who struggle with being overweight. But those engaged in vigorous activity, it is better not to forget. Only a small portion of cocoa can provide you a feeling of satiety. Also cocoa is useful for teenagers and children. That’s why in products for children it is often added cocoa. They need energy for normal development and growth, the energy to do well in school.

Cocoa is recommended and young children because it helps protect tooth enamel from not too useful effects of sugar. Teenagers are also advised to drink cocoa, because at this time they are puberty, development of the reproductive system.

Cocoa powder also contains melanin, which gives him the opportunity to be a great remedy for healing wounds, inflammations, to improve the properties of the skin from harmful UV rays. Cocoa also has a positive effect on the normal operation of the cells, the formation of enzymes that accelerate the metabolic process and makes it more intense protein synthesis. This powder has a calming effect and a positive effect on the respiratory system.

Interestingly, cacao does not contain caffeine, so it can be used even those who do not consume various stimulants. This powder contains theobromine, it is softer than caffeine, but also invigorates, stimulates the respiratory and cardiovascular system, however, has no influence on the nervous system. But those who have high sensitivity to various substances, you may experience an allergic reaction, so use cocoa need to be careful.

If you want all the vitamins and minerals were digested by the body, you should take cocoa in the form of a weak drink. You can add milk or honey and preferably in the morning. In fact, if you drink cocoa in the evening or before bedtime, it may cause issues with sleep. But in the morning it invigorates and gives strength and energy for a new day.

With cocoa, you can make a scrub for the face and body . need a tablespoon of powder and corn flour. Mix, add honey so much to form a creamy mass. Before taking a bath you need to apply this scrub on the face, neck, décolleté, hands, hold for five minutes, and then rinse.

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