Types and properties of tea

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Technology features and rules of soup. Nutrients, the healing properties of the broth, which facilitates the course of colds due to the enzyme lysozyme, included in its composition. Recipe of borscht on-Volzhsky, soup with profiteroles.


Consumer properties of tea bags. Characteristics of innovative production technologies of composite packaged teas and features a newly-developed

compositions. Requirements for the quality of the tea, packaging, marking and storage.

Methods of collecting tea. Classification of tea depending on the feedstock and the production technology. Consumer characteristics, shopping variety and method of production of black and green baikhovi, yellow and red tea; evaluation of their quality, conditions and terms of storage.


Feature exotic fruits. The changes that occur during cooking. The process of preparation developed dishes from exotic fruits. The organization jobs for their preparation. Calculation of nutritive value of dishes.

The first mention of the tea plant and the history of its usage. The range of goods, classification and features black, green, red and yellow types. Functional and physicochemical properties. The withering, rolling, fermentation and drying of tea.


The study of the classification of beverages. The basic rules of brewing tea. Cooking techniques and rules for serving hot drinks. Especially coffee. Consideration fruit soft drinks. Study useful properties of kvass.


The study of the culinary properties of rice. Description recipes and methods of cooking sweet and simple rice cakes, their taste and nutritional value. The origin of the pie as a traditional Russian dishes. Recipe pie dough.


The chemical composition of honey, mineral content. Classification of honey Botanical, regional and technological basis. Crystallization of honey its antibacterial, healing properties. Storage and possible defects of honey, the definition of forgery.


Juice therapy is one of the most enjoyable and powerful in its impact therapies, nutrition and body cleansing. Useful and medicinal properties of vegetable and fruit juices, recommendations and contraindications, their preparation and use.


Chemical composition and nutritional value of black and green teas, medicinal and aromatic plants, manufacturing, packaging, labeling, storage and transportation, defects. Segmentation of the beverage market and marketing research.


The range and classification of sausages. Technological scheme and raw materials for the production of cooked sausages. Features of meat processing and cooking meat. Formulation and calculation of costs for the production of cooked sausage “Doctor” and “Amateur”.

Classification, characterization and technological properties of artificial sweeteners, use in food production. The use of synthetic dyes and food additives in the manufacture of mixed drinks. Functional properties of pectins.


Features cooking cold dishes: the shop equipment, organizational management, process map preparing snacks. The scheme of preparation of cold sweet dishes and beverages, confectionery. Distribution of finished products and drinks.

report on the practice

Classification, selection, formulation, conditions of quality culinary products. The basic requirements for raw materials for the production of fruit. Characteristics of technological processes of primary processing of raw materials and the method of preparation of semi-finished products.

The main processes of the production of carbonated soft drinks. Classification of carbonated beverages: carbonated water, non-alcoholic carbonated beverages in bottles and cans, dry beverages (powdered). The range of fizzy drinks.


Classification, requirements for the quality of culinary products, formulation, storage conditions. Changes occurring in the raw process of cooking, the assessment of the nutritional value of meals. The quality control of raw materials, the technology of preparation and ready dishes.

Production technology and making yogurt. The composition and properties of raw materials. The choice of the nomenclature of quality indicators of products. The consistency of experts ‘ opinions. The definition and specification of the weighting factors of the quality of the yogurt.

The study of problems of nutrition as one of the most important social problems. Recipe and technology of preparation of meat dishes, commodity description, biological and energy value. Organization of production, technological equipment.


Consumer properties of chocolate. A variety of chocolate types and classification of range. Methods of assessing the quality of chocolate. Regulations, the main requirements for the preparation of chocolate. The storage standards and new standards of quality chocolate.


The range of dairy products (for example yoghurt) and organoleptic quality assessment. Dietary and therapeutic properties of fermented milk drinks. Characteristics of the raw materials for the production of yogurt, labeling of dairy products.

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