The healing properties of hemp seed tea

Hemp is used widely for treatment due to its healing,antibacterial,anti-inflammatory,regeneron and stimulating effects. It has a positive effect on the skin and the immune system in General.

Young leaves of hemp, very well suited for use in beauty salons.

Thousands of years it was used in the preparation of teas,decoctions,tinctures. Used in homeopathy,aromatherapy or while taking a steam bath.

Most often gather the young flowers and leaves of cannabis tea, which is known for its high-preventive properties for the human body. Hemp tea is a very good help in the treatment of migraine and bessonnica. It is also recommended that children with symptoms of asthma and other respiratory diseases.

Hemp tea from flowers and leaves useful for insomnia.It’s a relaxing, soothing drink and is recommended for migraine. In addition, it is used against joint pain, asthma and respiratory problems. Also its good to take in case of breakdown or excessive physical activity. Tea has a pleasant aroma .

In the field of alternative medicine, cannabis plays a very significant role. Hemp can be applied not only to children and pregnant women, and nursing mothers. Mother ,when breastfeeding, it automatically passes through the milk of the substances contained in the plant. The researchers found that these substances are responsible in the Central nervous system, basic functions of movement, duplication of information. these substances are called endocannabinoidy. Scientific work has no doubt about the stunning effects of cannabis,as evidenced daily in the practical use of hemp products to the public.

Hemp sheets are collected at the full moon,which ensures greater efficiency, and then dried in accordance with well-preserved tradition of the locals. This ritual has been practiced for centuries and is known in our time as psychic.

Hemp is grown with care and love in the Czech Republic in the jeseníky mountains ,in the beautiful and unspoiled nature,where it grows for a thousand years.

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