The harm and benefit of cocoa.

The ancient Aztecs believed that cacao is a sacred gift from the gods, and the name Theobroma cacao means “the Food of the gods”. Everyone knows that cocoa is not only delicious, but also incredibly useful. In this article you will learn about the harmful and beneficial properties of the drink, and we will tell you how to cook cocoa.

Today it is impossible to imagine food without the use of

cocoa, chocolate deserves attention! Cocoa is added to creams and mousses, pastry, and from it prepare stunning hot drinks, which have restorative properties: cocoa strengthens our nervous system, improves cerebral blood circulation, helps to lower your blood pressure. It should be noted that the benefits for the body felt after the first Cup of cocoa, this drink will help you to recover your strength after a hard day, relax and focus. All this is because natural cocoa contains phenylethylamine, serotonin and tryptophan, which are nothing more than antidepressants. In addition, cacao contains tryptophan, and this is an antioxidant that helps us to cleanse the body of toxins. In the composition of cocoa also contains fatty acids, they help to stabilize cholesterol in our blood, and cocoa butter helps to fight colds. In addition, in the composition of cocoa have caffeine, and useful minerals.

Today cocoa is used not only for food purposes but also in the manufacture of cosmetics. All acids contained in cocoa help to tone, rejuvenate and moisturize the skin. Such cosmetics are especially important in the winter when the skin is exposed to the negative effects. In addition, cocoa is used in the infamous “chocolate wrap”, try that, you’ll notice a positive effect.

Is there any harm from taking drink? The first thing to remember is that you only need to buy a quality product, then you can be sure that all health standards in the manufacture of cocoa have been met.

If you have an Allergy to cocoa, certainly not to drink this drink. In addition, it should be remembered that cocoa contains caffeine, and it is one of the most controversial products, so you know when to stop eating cocoa, especially when it comes to children.

So, we learned about the harm and benefit of cocoa, now we will understand how to prepare a drink loved by millions.

To make this classic drink cocoa, we need milk, a little sugar and cocoa powder. Pour into the pan of water so that it fully covers the bottom, bring to a boil, then immediately pour the milk. In the Cup will visible sugar and cocoa, mix thoroughly to obtain a homogeneous chocolate mass without lumps. Now, the milk stirring constantly, slowly add the chocolate mixture, again boil and simmer uncovered on low heat for 3 minutes, then switch off. Not cooling, pour the cocoa cups. The proportions were as follows: 2 liters milk 6 tablespoons cocoa and 4 tablespoons sugar. This is a classic recipe cocoa.

There are other interesting recipes cocoa. For example cocoa with egg yolk. We start as usual, only sugar and cocoa RUB the yolk (1 of 2 servings). Before serving this drink is whipped with a whisk.

You can also make cocoa with whipped cream. Again cook cocoa traditional recipe, and then pour into cups, filling them only half. Cream whipped with powdered sugar and put one spoon per serving.

You can also apply cocoa with ice cream, this recipe will appeal particularly to children. In a glass, put a scoop of ice cream, and then pour the cocoa. You can also garnish with whipped cream.

Enjoy a drink and be healthy!

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