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Medicinal properties of PU-Erh tea

Puer tea, the once elite Imperial beverage that is popular today due to its amazing beneficial properties. In China it is even called “the cure for seven diseases” because of its favorable action extends very broadly: it affects the digestive system, normalizes metabolism, stimulates the burning of fat, cleansing the blood and liver. During several experimental studies carried out in Europe, it was shown that PU-Erh tea promotes weight loss and lowers cholesterol levels in the blood is not worse than any known

means. Also contained in tea is so beneficial for the body vitamins, amino acids, proteins and essential oils that drinking it can and for the prevention of several diseases.

The best varieties of PU-Erh is made from the leaves of the trees, not small tea bushes. It is believed that the tree accumulates nutrients, which is why it is older than the more delicious and wholesome drink made from its leaves.

The amazing feature of this tea is a continuous fermentation process, in other words, with each year of aging properties of Chinese tea are changing, like its taste, purchasing new shades. The infusion of PU-Erh is usually quite dark, according to the classification this is a real black Chinese tea. If you brew “young” tea, be prepared that feel raw earthy flavor that the habit may seem unpleasant. With age, taste changes: tea becomes more dry and full-bodied. “Raw” PU-Erh is good because you can adjust the taste will improve with each month of storage.

The healing properties of the finished Puer, fermentation which lasted for decades, are very much appreciated. It’s a real tasty medicine, healthy drink that will help your body to cope with obesity, increased blood sugar levels. It is recommended to use the lady’s finger and diabetes. He is able to energize any, also he will quench your thirst, get rid of toxins.

Drink this tea to lose weight or to boost immunity. From it will not hurt you will not, what can be said about dietary counterparts, which adds various impurities and laxative. Take care of your health and choose only natural tea, useful properties which been proven for centuries.

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