How to prepare at home chocolate liqueur

Liqueur chocolate – is a truly delicious beverage. It differs viscous texture, pleasant aroma and amazing taste. If you want to learn more about this drink, read the article further.

The use and consumption of

On the basis of this drink is prepared in many different kinds of cocktails. Also it is used as natural flavor when cooking soft drink.

Consume liquor in pure form and diluted with a small amount of ice.

Also add this exquisite drink in dessert dishes. Liqueur chocolate gives the product an attractive appearance, but also makes it taste more original.

As a General rule, chefs are using it in the preparation of different mousses, cakes and pastries. If you just add a spoon of this syrup in your tea, it will completely change the taste of the usual invigorating drink.

Varieties and types of chocolate drink

The most famous type of chocolate liqueur Mozart is considered (made in Austria). This drink presents a whole range of exquisite drink. There are three types: Black, White and Gold. All of them are aromatic and taste qualities. Let’s get acquainted in more detail with each.

Mozart Black – thick strong drink that is made on the basis of roasted cocoa, dark chocolate (high quality) and aged Bourbon. Liquor has a pleasant taste with a slight vanilla notes.

The next drink is the complete opposite of Black Mozart. It’s called Mozart White. As the name implies, white chocolate (high-quality) is the basis of this drink. The taste of this liqueur is light and pleasant.

No less worthy of a place in the line-up is Mozart Gold. It is created from aged within two months of infusion of cocoa. Also in the composition of the drink, there are other important components, such as sugar, cream and white Belgian chocolate (high quality of course). The drink has a rich aroma and a subtle chocolate-creamy taste.

Like drinking a delicious beverage?

Now let’s learn how and what you drink chocolate liqueur. Usually served this drink after the second course, before or together with tea and coffee. Liquor is not cooling, it is poured into a special glass with a volume of from 25 to 60 ml. If you add some ice, you get a cocktail called the “On the rocks”.

Note that chocolate liqueur combines perfectly with other spirits. For example, it is often mixed with whiskey, vodka, gin or brandy. The liquor is combined with milk, cream or ice cream.

And what his snack? For these purposes, perfect fruit, such as oranges, apples and grapes.


Before you tell me how to do this drink, I would like to describe how to make a cocktail with chocolate liquor. To create it you will need:

• milk – 60 ml;

• peppermint liqueur – 20 ml;

• chocolate liqueur – 20 ml;

• ice.

All components are placed in a shaker, all carefully mixed and poured into the glass.

Cocktail “don Giovanni”

To make the drink you will need:

• whipped cream;

• chocolate liqueur – 30 ml;

• almond liqueur – 10 ml;

• chocolate chips.

Liqueurs are poured into low champagne glass. The cream is whipped and put in the middle of the drink. Cocktail sprinkled with chocolate chips, and then served.

Cook at home delicious beverage

In order to prepare a liqueur chocolate, you need the following ingredients:

• two hundred grams of dark chocolate;

• a half liter of vodka or alcohol;

• a bit of vanilla sugar;

• two cups milk;

• one Cup of sugar;

• three hundred milliliters of water.

Method of preparation of the drink

1. Dark chocolate is rubbed on a fine grater and poured vodka.

2. Also adds a bit of vanilla sugar.

3. The mixture should be thoroughly mixed and infuse for seven days in a cool place. Every twenty-four hours a good stir.

4. After time you need to take milk, water and sugar. Of these ingredients are necessary to cook the syrup. After a cool and mix with the infusion. Then leave the drink for another three weeks.

5. How will twenty-one days, the liquor should be filtered. Then pour into a jar and left for a further seven days. Thus here it is possible to prepare chocolate liqueur at home.

The cooking liquor is four to seven weeks. But the beverage will meet all expectations.

With creamy alcohol and cocoa

Can otherwise prepare the chocolate liquor. You will need:

• seventy-five grams of cocoa powder;

• two hundred grams of sugar;

• a liter of milk;

• a hundred and fifty grams butter alcohol.

Cooking tasty drink

In a mug add sugar and cocoa. Carefully stir them in a dry form.

Add milk and stir. Make sure to avoid lumps.

The resulting mixture to the saucepan and boil for at least twenty minutes on low heat. After allow to cool. Then add the alcohol.

Pour the liquid into a glass bowl. After clogging and remove to a cool place for a week. Then the chocolate liquor can be consumed.

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