How to make hot chocolate from cocoa

We are all different and the style of the rest each of us too — special. Someone is a fan of outdoor activities, and some believe that there is nothing better than to lie on the couch under a blanket with your favorite book. But few of us sitting in the coffee shop chilly night, like a Cup of fragrant hot chocolate.

Chocolate — how to make it so tasty it turns out in confectioners coffee? In addition to them so delicious to prepare this drink could only mom in our early childhood.

You can, of course, will agree that the preparation of hot chocolate

— is an art, which under force only to the great masters. Continue to enjoy the results of their skills for money. And you can try yourself to learn the basics of this art, and even to join the ranks of those great masters.

The content

Hot chocolate homemade — step by step instructions

The drink of the gods (the name given to the ancient Mayan chocolate) is brewed not so difficult. How to make hot chocolate at home — recipes weight. For three hundred years, every nation has managed to create its own unique recipe of this drink. Can any of them to take note of, and to obtain a product liquid or thick consistency, with a different flavor, but it will be hot chocolate. It is based on can be tableted confectionery chocolate and cocoa powder or tiles of dark chocolate. And he and the other option would be appropriate in the preparation of hot chocolate.

The first recipe (easy and simple — for beginners «chocolatiers»)


Dark chocolate — 200 g.

Milk — 50 g.

First, melt the tile of dark chocolate in a saucepan on a water bath. Then gradually, stirring constantly, pour in the milk. Warming-up, bring to a homogeneous condition. The mixture should not boil! When the drink is ready, serve in small ceramic cups. From the above quantities of ingredients obtained two portions of saturated taste of hot chocolate. So taste it, drinking a SIP of cold water.

The second recipe

Really wanted hot chocolate, and shop for tile reluctant to run? There is a solution! In the presence of the house well-known cocoa powder a Cup of hot aromatic drink is provided to you. In this recipe, consider how to make hot chocolate from cocoa.

What do I need?

2 tablespoons cocoa powder.

300 ml cream.

Sugar to taste.

A little cornstarch (about a teaspoonful).

A little water — spoon dining room.

Step one — cocoa powder, sugar and corn starch in a dry mix in a small saucepan.

Step two — pour cold water, stirring the resulting mixture until smooth.

Step three — heat the cream, but do not bring them to a boil.

Step four — enter into the chocolate mass is heated cream.

The fifth and last step — at a minimum fire drink is heated, but not boiled.

Hot chocolate is ready, let it sit a bit (about five minutes). Creamy on the rules is poured into small cups. In the drink you can add to taste a little brandy or rum, and decorate it with creamy cap of foam or a stick of fragrant cinnamon.

Save up a little experience and skill, is it possible to make hot chocolate for a more intricate recipe, and even to threaten on the decision of a question «How to make dark chocolate? »

The hot chocolate recipe Creole


2 tbsp cocoa powder

Almond crumb — 150 g

Milk — 1 L.

Tablespoon of starch.

Sugar — depending on your preference.


Half-teaspoon of cinnamon.

Nutmeg — a pinch.

Mix cocoa, egg, sugar, starch and a small amount of milk. Balance milk heated to a boil and add the chocolate mixture obtained. About 2-3 minutes to cook the chocolate, stirring all the time, at minimum fire. In ready to drink add fragrant spices and ground almond. You can then pour into cups. Nothing complicated no cooking, except for the abundance of ingredients.

Bitter chocolate at home

Experienced homegrown chocolatier question «How to make dark chocolate? » not worth it. The secrets of making this delicious dessert is easy even for novice bakers. So the chocolate doesn’t burn, cook it in a water bath. Some more of the intricacies of cooking — working temperature — the maximum is 32 degrees and real chocolate water is not added.

Without any products not do?

First melt the butter, gradually (one spoon) add sugar, carefully stirring. Finally, you added cocoa. In chocolate mixture is ready you can add cinnamon. It remains only to pour the chocolate into molds for a few hours and put it in the fridge.

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