How to make a milkshake with ice cream at home

The indisputable benefits of milk — it contains so much useful for the body, especially children, of various substances. But not always just have the desire to drink milk or eat milk porridge, in this case, the milkshake will be a delicious and beautiful alternative. And for those who like milk with all my heart, milkshake, and so is one of the best treats. Here you will find many original recipes smoothies that will help you to diversify your menu to impress your friends, to please the kids.

Milkshake with ice cream

— milk — 200 g

— ice cream — 50-100 g

— berry or fruit syrup — 30 ml

Pour into the blender the milk, put the ice cream. Beat on medium speed for 15-30 seconds. The longer you whisk — the more magnificent will be a cocktail. But there’s a flip side — if very long whip, cocktail may become watery, so the best time to whip is 30 seconds-2 minutes, no more. Add the syrup and whisk for 3-4 seconds or just stir with a spoon or straw. Ready to drink — you can serve it simply in a glass or fruit.

Milkshake vanilla with currants

Ingredients for 3 servings:

— milk — 600 g

— red or black currants — 250 g

— vanilla sugar — 1 packet

— sugar — 2 tablespoons

— egg yolk — 1 piece

First you need to whisk the milk with the egg yolk, vanilla and sugar. After that currant is added and mixed for 40 seconds. But be prepared for the fact that the berries will remain particles of skins and seeds, if you want to avoid it, skip the currants through a press, strainer, juicer and make a cocktail out of whole berries and its juice.

Milkshake with peaches or apricots

Ingredients for 2 servings:

— milk — 400 ml

— cream 10% fat — 400 ml

— peaches or apricots — 4 or 6 PCs respectively

— sugar — 4 tbsp

Fruits should be washed thoroughly and remove their skin, as peaches and apricots it is covered with fuzz and the cocktail party will be strongly felt and will only spoil the taste and appearance. After this, the fruits are divided into halves, take out the bone and if it should again rinse from the inside. Cut into large pieces, put in blender and pour cream. Beat need about 1.5 minutes, then need to add sugar and milk. Beat for another 30-45 seconds and a milkshake with peaches or apricots ready.

Milkshake chocolate cherry

Ingredients for 2 servings:

— milk — 600 ml

— cherry — a few berries for decoration

— sugar — 4 tbsp.

— cherry liqueur or cherry syrup — 70 ml

— or cherry juice — 200 ml

— cocoa dry instant — 6 tsp.

If you have a lot of fresh cherries that you can do without liqueur, syrup or juice. In a blender pour the milk and whisk it with sugar. Next, add the cherry component and whisk 1 minute. After you enter cocoa powder (leave a little for decoration) and whisk 1 minute. The edge of the glass should be slightly wet to wet only 3-4 mm. poured Into a saucer cocoa powder and edges of the glass macauda it — turns out chocolate Kant. Milkshake is decorated with fresh cherries.

Cocktail fruit milk

Ingredients for 2 servings:

— milk — 600 ml

— instant coffee — 1/2 tsp.

— ice cream — 6 tbsp

— whipped cream — 6 tablespoons

— fruit juice or fruit pieces — 200 mlhr

(try the pineapple)

The milk is poured into a blender and mixed with instant coffee, you can replace the cocoa powder if desired. Do not increase the dosage of coffee, because he only want to add some spice, not a strong taste. Then add fruit or fruit juice, and beat for 45 seconds. Next, enter the ice cream and whipped cream — this stage can do without whipping, then ice cream will be felt very clearly, and whipped cream to decorate the cocktail.

A cocktail of strawberries with almonds

The recipe for this cocktail may seem strange, but do not be afraid ingredients and follow instructions, this will allow you to get delicious cocktail and no one will guess the secret.

Ingredients for 2 servings:

— milk — 600 ml

— strawberry — 200 gr

— cereal — 2 tbsp

— honey — 2 tbsp

— cocoa powder — 1 tsp.

— ground cinnamon — 1 tsp.

— sea salt — 1 pinch

— yeast — 1 tbsp

In the Cup of a blender pour the milk, add the yeast and honey and whisk for 30 seconds. Then we enter the cocoa powder, cinnamon, sea salt and whisk 7 seconds. Next comes the turn of oat flakes — for which you will need 15-20 seconds and immediately add the fresh strawberries. She quickly whipped — need 2-3 doses for 5 seconds and ready to drink!

Cocktail Banana and cherry

Ingredients for 2 servings:

— milk 500 ml

— vanilla ice cream — 300 g

— banana — 2 PCs

— cherry or cherry syrup — 150 gr or 70 ml

Milk poured into the bowl of a blender and add the banana. It is better to cut or break into small pieces and start to knock from the bottom to the banana puree is not settled and will not stick to the rim. Milk with banana and beat for about 1.5 minutes. Next, add cherries or cherry syrup and whisk for 30 seconds. Last added ice cream, which may optionally be severely beaten to a froth, or only partially, leaving large fragments.

Milkshake Baileys Favorite

Ingredients for 1 serving:

— milk — 180 ml

— liqueur Baileys — 40 ml

— condensed milk — 2 tbsp

— chocolate chips — 2 tbsp

Milk whipped with condensed milk until smooth. Then add the liquor, the amount of which can be adjusted independently and mixed for 7 seconds. Last, put the chocolate chips, which can not beat, just stir with a straw or a spoon. Ready to drink.

Milkshake Chocolate grasshopper

Milkshake heavenly life

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