How to cook cocoa

And now let’s get what is the composition of cocoa, what is it all about and where did it come from in our diet, because in the usual latitudes, this culture is not exactly “usual”.

The origin story of cocoa

Cocoa is one of the types of evergreen trees that grow in subtropical climates all over the world. The purpose of the cultivation of this crop, the receipt and use of its seeds, cocoa beans. These beans are then pulverized into powder and they make the drink with great taste and unique quality characteristics. In addition, most of these beans have the cocoa

butter, which is widely used in the confectionery business and cosmetology. The birthplace of cocoa is considered to be America. Moreover, the process of growing most established in South America because of what is often called the birthplace of cocoa, but the roots of the craft yet are drawn to Central America. Based on numerous historical data, the researchers concluded that the first traces of cacao dates back to 1100 BC And, then of securities were not as many seeds as the pulp of the plant, which was used by the natives for the production of special alcoholic beverage. Further research on the history of cocoa leads us in the XIV century by the Aztecs. They believed that cocoa can benefit enormously and were sure it was a sacred plant is nothing like a gift from the gods. Despite this it is not used for sacrifices, and solely for the preparation of unique tart drink. Quite naturally then drink cocoa and its composition was very different from our own. They added another and maize, as well as vanilla, water, hot pepper and salt. This continued until the time of the conquest of Mexico by the Spaniards – then the cocoa beans for the first time and got to Europe. With the annexation of the territories of the Spaniards drew attention to the fact that cocoa beans were stored in the bins of the Aztecs in huge quantities as a result they wanted to get that wealth. At the end of the aggressive operations Aztecs had selected about 20 quintals valuable culture. Based on knowledge of the Aztecs and conducting their own experiments and research, the Europeans were convinced that cocoa has unique healing properties, so a passion for this culture has grown rapidly. All colonies with a suitable climate of new types and new fields with cocoa, which has led to the trend of cocoa beans, and it almost turned into worship. It’s time to understand what is cacao, which is known to the whole world, conquered the hearts of the inhabitants of the planet.

What is so useful cocoa

Recipes with cocoa is even difficult to count, because these beans an integral part of almost all pastry dishes, as well as many delicious and all time favorite childhood drinks, so the sweet tooth without cocoa, as can be seen, anywhere. Everyone knows how to make cocoa powder poured some hot water or milk, and then just put cocoa powder – beverage, like, ready. But not so simple that even experienced bakers will always meet that special aroma and taste to the powder just a little steamed need to know how to cook cocoa and to help You, our today’s recipe.

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