How to avoid a hangover

In anticipation of the holidays, we gathered the opinions of three professional mixologist, restaurateur and experienced romance from people about how and what better to drink alcohol.

How would “getting drunk, not to get drunk” – a topic always of interest to everyone, though, and this desire itself is extremely controversial. Tips here there is so much that many just stop listening to them and drinking, not keeping any one of them. Before the New year we decided to look into the matter, interviewing three experts: drinks, food and people’s tricks. Their knowledge, advice and personal experience to help future days.

Advises to combine drinks, homogeneous materials

Advises: don’t drink a lot of sweet and proprietary

Before offering any drink to your guests, I always explain the historical background and culture of his drink. These nuances are very important to build on the mental level – there are always the original reasons why some drinks are combined, and some don’t, or why something on the same continent drink, and another otherwise.

For example, here in Holland it is customary to drink a jenever (grain spirit flavoured with juniper berries) with beer and eating herring. Why? Because both of these drink based on grass – so initially go well in their chemical composition. The herring salt normalizes metabolism in the body, while the alcohol it puts a strong imbalance. Meanwhile in America it is customary to combine beer and Bourbon – homogeneous raw material of drinks. On this logic we should proceed, when you want something to mix: fruit and berry combine fruit, grain – cereals. Yes, maybe this is more aesthetics than biological grounds, but if you observe your norm drunk, bad you just will not be.

With care we should be drink the sweet and proprietary (red wine, brandy, cognac). A large amount of sugar gives a heavy load on the liver, and tannins – heart. And if you are afraid to touch, remember that most strongly operates the following: sweet, warm, aerated, spicy, ginger. And for a complete fly – all of these options in combination.

Besides, when you started drinking a cocktail, based on any one particular stiff drink, then it is better to continue. For example, after a Negroni (gin), you go to the French 75. I usually advise as an aperitif for heating of appetite – then under the food well drink something sour or sour-sweet, and after lunch – full bodied, sweet or spicy. In this sequence from mild to severe. In themselves good cocktails add lime juice or lemon to replenish vitamins and minerals, which ruthlessly washed with alcohol.

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