How and how long to cook pork tongue

They have it already and are sorted into large, medium and small leaf tea.

In the store you can select and purchase different types of black tea. Here for you and powdered, and granulated, and extruded, and sheet. By the way, tea, bricks or tiles (extruded) in demand mainly in the PRC, and other types are trivial and we have.

How to boil cocoa

Recipe No. inch.

Whisk 1 chicken yolk with 3 table spoons of sugar to whitening weight and increase in size.

Boil cocoa, for this to take inch canteens spoons of cocoa powder and 150 ml of hot water.

Mix the yolk with a small amount of lemonade.

To combine the resulting mixture with other cocoa, whisk and pour into cups.

How efficiently cook OATMEAL?

How to boil cocoa with milk

How to boil cocoa with milk


Vanilla – certain pinch


Fall asleep in a Cup of cocoa and sugar, stir sloppy content.

Pour in 3 table spoons of warm boiled water, sloppy stir until the lot is smooth.

Pour the milk into a saucepan and set over low heat.

How to cook cocoa?

To be eaten hot,cold, and even add ice cream. Can and add cinnamon.

This is the basis(base), and then experiment at the expense of spices,glucose,honey or enlarge-reduce the proportion of powder to the number of water-milk-cream-ice-cream.In indifferent form can be whipped with ice cream. Bon appetit!

About the huge amount of cacao.

How efficiently boil eggs hard-boiled, soft-boiled in a bag

Do not put cold eggs into boiling water . Heat them up artisanal temperature, after laying out their fridge for hours Or heated in warm water.

3. With oak end pierce the egg with a needle . This side is a weightless bag. When heated, the air expands, the shell cracks.

The benefits and harms of cocoa

If you SIP a Cup of drink from the cocoa tree, whose fruit does not leak the heat treatment, the muscles after a stressful day at work and tedious work recover faster.

In addition, in the fruit of the chocolate bar contains a special substance that promotes the stimulation of endorphin – patrol “joy”.

How to boil cocoa per litre of milk

And it can also be boiled cocoa. Just change one other milk and boil the nectar of the recipe. There are only a few aspects of technical direction:

Cocoa with milk and cinnamon

This article will be mentioned-such: cocoa with amber yolk, cocoa with whipped cream, cold cocoa with ice cream.

To gather cocoa with amber yolk, cocoa is brewed according to the traditional recipe. Then RUB the yolks (one yolk to two servings of cocoa powder) with sugar and cocoa powder and pour into the pan with cocoa ready.

How to brew by electric welding: weld iron pipes and making beautiful seams

Light the driveway. To do this, set the electrode at an angle about 60° relative to the product. Slowly carry them on the plane. Should sparks, now touch the electrode to the alloy and raise it to a height of not less than 5 mm.

How to boil rice

Rice in Vietnamese

The proportions of Rice – a certain Cup Water – 2 cups How to boil rice in Vietnamese certain. Preheat a frying pan, viklasti Fig. 2. To warm the rice, stirring, 2 min. 3. Pour the rice in a saucepan, pour a certain glass of water and boil for 20 minutes after boiling under the lid.

Rice in Indian way


How to make chocolate from cocoa?

The less the period of cooking, the better, because if the temperature exceeds 50 degrees, all necessary materials will simply die.

The last step is to add a sweet powder, and it only remains to wait for the lot will get a uniform look. Then it will need to be poured into prepared molds.

How efficiently cook the borscht?

Meat cut into classic pieces, pour with cold water and cook until ready. Water in the pan should be 2/3 of its volume. Once the water is boiling, with the plane of the soup deduct the foam. Then the broth cook on slow heat for 1.5 – inch hours.

After cooking the soup begin to lay the vegetables. Beets cut into thin strips.

Fat possesses the ability to grasp and firmly hold aromatic substances, so the browned vegetables give the soup an unusually good taste and resistant to emit a bad smell. However browned and vegetables can lose your publish bad smell, if they are boiled too long.

How to boil rice and cooking modes!

When it boils, simmer for a few minutes on low heat. Turn off and forget for a few min..

How to boil rice

Cook the rice in a thick-walled pot. Thin pan heats unevenly, and it can burn at the bottom and the top to stay moist.

The rice mushy if you add in boiling water a few spoonfuls of milk polar or lemon juice (1 tbsp at a certain liter of water).

How to cook rice for firmament. Recipes cooking rice for firmament

Cooked rice need special solution to flood – avastu (recipe below) cohabitation of three to one (per Cup of rice, one third of the glass of sweet filling). Cover with cooked rice valgum towel. To prepare AVASTU, you need: pint crackhead rice, pint of sake, half a kilo of sugar and half tablespoon of salt.

How to cook pasta

Please note that when cooking pasta doubles (approximately), so choose a suitable pot. Long amended (spaghetti, tagliatelle) don’t break the pasta will become tolerant and gradually down into the water. Do not cover the pan with a lid and stir the pasta a wooden or plastic spoon.

How to efficiently make coffee

The homeland of coffee is Ethiopia, namely a cuff title. Therefore, it is consonant with the name of the drink cafe. Around the same world it became known under the title of coffee, exactly in Turkish its name due to the Turks, from whom he learned about its existence.

How to cook tasty rice — recipes

After this is taken saucepan with double or demure bottom. There poured two table spoons of vegetable oil. Once the oil begins to boil, reduce the flame, pour back the shaker Cup of washed rice, stir so that each grain fell into the oil, and after that fill with water – about 1.5 — 1.8 glass down on the number of rice.

Use and damage to wild rice

The price of the cereal product according to the equation with white rice is much better. The fact that he introduces the b vitamins, a number of which in the equation with the usual rice dishes much better. What to speak about folic acid, the content in the oak rice 5 times better than ordinary.

The content of the article:

How to boil wheat hodgepodge

All the contents of the pan vigorously mixed and sent to the fire.

Boiled wheat mess over medium heat until water has evaporated. As soon as I saw that the mess began to gurgle her photograph with plate, cover with a lid and leave to infuse in techenie minute.

How to cook rice

Some culinary practice soaking rice (the time chosen differently, mostly 30-60 minutes), which reduces the time of its gathering.

Traditionally soaked basmati rice”, which allows to increase its length.

To soak or not – You decide, but be careful.

Learn to cook rice properly

When you open the lid you will find a surprise: a soft, but completely scattered grains of rice, calls without any stickiness.

Will only add salt and oil or another gas station. Total cooking time is about thirty minutes.

How to cook porridge: eight useful tips

seventh. Add the butter to the cereal when cooked

At the beginning of the gathering of cereal in water, you should add a little oil – no more than 1 teaspoon. This will help to soften the angry water and give each seed the ability to reject water, without cooking the inside.

eight. To diversify the style cereal additives

How to boil coffee in Turku

Recipes soup kharcho, how to cook grub correctly

Fresh grass wash them under flowing water, obsesive and grind. Add to the soup all the medicine, seasoning and finely chopped grass, warmed also just a couple of minutes and turn off the heat. Ready soup definitely commit some time to stand, covered, then pour on plates and served to the table with the freshest pita bread and sour cream.

How efficiently cook chicken soup?

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