Hot chocolate – the drink of joy

Today, chocolate is still more eating than drinking. Although three hundred years ago the English aristocrats, people are young hot drink in “chocolate houses”, would consider the idea that “chocolatl”

ever will sell in packs of foil, ridiculous.

Only in 1819, Swiss Francois Louis Cailler produced the

first chocolate bar by pressing cocoa powder. After that, a favorite treat was actually “mobile”, and they began to enjoy where I want when I want without much effort. However, a Cup of hot chocolate as it was, still is and remains the epitome of comfort.

Its origin chocolate obliged most ancient civilizations of the Olmec, born three and a half thousand years ago in South America. Disappeared, the Olmecs left us very familiar with the word cacao ( kah kow ), which they called the trees, fruiting pale brown beans. The real value of cocoa beans revealed the successor to the Olmecs Maya. Perhaps the Mayans learned to cook chocolate drink. However, the modern lover of sweets drink this would be a bit strange: the Maya mixed the roasted and ground cocoa beans with water and then this mixture was added chilli. This mixture, of course, was bitter and sharp. In the process of preparation of the drink Maya constantly pour liquid from one vessel to another. This was done to ensure that the chocolate is stronger foamed, as the most delicious chocolate Maya believed it foam. Even then Maya noticed that the drink made from the cocoa bean it has a stimulating action excites and drives a dream. In many ways, so chocolate was the subject of worship. The tribe did not actively growing cacao trees, beans and not enough for everyone. For one hundred cacao beans could buy a slave, while the services of prostitutes, for example, was worth six beans.

After the disappearance of the Maya in Central America appeared the Aztec Empire. They actively began to develop plantations of cocoa trees. It is likely that the Aztecs invented a wonderful drink called “chocolatl”. In their language, “cokoli” meant “bitterness” and “ATL” — “water”. Bo MENA Aztec chocolatl remained the drink of the aristocracy. It drank from the Golden bowls, set with precious stones. A big fan of chocolate was the famous Emperor Montezuma: he drank up to fifty cups a day, and regularly replenished warehouse could accommodate up to forty thousand bags of cocoa. By the way, in the days of Montezuma’s chocolatl was no longer just water with cocoa beans and Chile. The recipe has changed a bit — now drink added pounded corn grain, honey, vanilla and sweet agave juice.

When the Aztecs chocolate has ceased to be the property of one only of Central America. In 1517, on the coast of Mexico arrived Spaniard Hernando Cortes. The Aztecs mistook him for the God Quetzalcoatl (the tribe’s mythology — the God who made men, the Lord of the elements and, according to one legend, the Creator of chocolate). Newly Quetzalcoatl-cortés did a strange thing for God returned and conquered Mexico. Conquistador, of course, drew attention to the Aztecs revered beverage, and ten years later began a steady supply of cocoa to Spain.

After some fifty years after the appearance of the drink in the Old World Italian scholar – monk of Benzoni first seriously explored the beneficial properties of liquid chocolate and presented a detailed report to the king. From now on, everything related to chocolate, was a state secret of the Spanish Kingdom. Secret kept so carefully that one day, when the British captured Laden beans Spanish ship , they just threw out production in the sea, even knowing about its value. The Spaniards changed the recipe chocolate. Now there was no chili, but instead appeared cinnamon, nutmeg and sugar, the drink was served hot and was called “chocolatiers”.

But the mystery of the Spanish drink was not eternal. First recipe of the Aztecs brought home one Italian traveler. Later, in 1616, the Spanish Princess Anne of Austria married the French king Louis XIII and took a drink of France. Soon the company supplying cocoa beans to Spain via Amsterdam, began to sell small batches of smuggled cocoa “left”, and raw monopoly of the Spaniards was finally undermined.

After the chocolate drink became popular in Europe, he became the subject of heated debate in Church circles. Fans of the drink have noticed that, in addition to the properties of an antidepressant and tonic, and chocolate has the ability to arouse sexuality. For this reason, the Church declared the drink “sinful”, and in some countries the monks were forbidden to eat it. In the mid-seventeenth century, conducted the first scientific study of “excitatory” properties of chocolate, which is confirmed in practice by the famous lover Giacomo Casanova. However, the Church resisted for long and eventually succumbed to the whims of the wealthy parishioners, who could not sit through a long Church service without a Cup of hot drink.

V year recipe chocolate changed again — this time by the British. In the drink began to add milk, that’s why its taste is softer. After the Frey family built the first mechanized chocolate factory in Bristol, the chocolate has gained incredible popularity. In 1657 in London opened the first chocolate house” — an institution like coffee. Soon the consumption of the drink has become part of everyday life, and the phrase “come on chocolate” has come to mean “waiting for you at eight o’clock in the evening”. The most famous in London was “chocolate house” white, outdoor Italian immigrant Francisco white at the end of the XVII century. In this house started selling prefabricated chocolate drink, which opened up the possibility of cooking at home. Over time, the “chocolate house” in which the middle class with a Cup of chocolate were discussing political and social issues, has appeared in almost all European capitals. The drink became a symbol of respectability and success, which remains to this day.

By and large, hot chocolate can be called all drinks are made from natural crushed cocoa beans. The more cocoa in the chocolate, the more bitter taste it has and the more useful properties. There are also differences in consistency from liquid like coffee, chocolate French to stringy, sour cream, chocolate Viennese or Italian.

In our time for preparation of hot chocolate use cocoa beans, solid chocolate confectionery grated cocoa beans and cocoa butter. Usually it has the form of a pill and contains from 55 to 75 percent cocoa. The cocoa content (and therefore saturation) in the drink can be adjusted by diluting it with water, milk or cream. Fragrance added alcohol — rum or brandy, a drink perfectly combines cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg, almonds or peanuts, which in large quantities is added to the Creole chocolate. Hot chocolate may be a component of another drink. For example, the famous drink “mocha” is a mixture of equal parts of chocolate, espresso and milk.

Recipes for hot chocolate set. Most often there is nothing tricky. Even in the Motherland of chocolate, in Mexico, it is cooked is quite simple: to the cream and water add the chocolate powder and cook, stirring with a stick of cinnamon. But there are more complex recipes. For example, the famous Spanish hot chocolate time of the conquistadors, which includes honey, anise seeds, Cayenne pepper, bark, sandalwood, rose, hazelnut and cinnamon. The preparation of this drink is considered a real art.

Sometimes chocolate drink give the finished mixture must be diluted with hot water. The difference between these mixtures from simple cocoa, familiar to us from childhood, only that they added starch, which makes the liquid more dense. The real chocolate in cooking is very whimsical. It begins to melt at a temperature slightly above 30 degrees, and at temperatures above 60 degrees can burn.

Strict rules regarding dishes for the hot chocolate there, but there is one common requirement: the thicker the drink, the less you should be ware. Chocolate with high cocoa content are ideal Cup of espresso or cappuccino. And for liquid and soft taste of the drink you can use the glasses “Irish”. Nobody forbids to serve hot chocolate in soup plates — as is done in France at Breakfast. Wide capacity is used to make it easier to dip in chocolate croissants or toast. What drinks would you make out of chocolate, it retains its main feature, noticed by the Maya Indians, namely, it is invariably improves mood and banishes fatigue. Hot chocolate is antirusting No. 1: one Cup of the drink — and the Blues will be gone.

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