Health benefits and weight loss

White tea is not as common and are known as, for example, black or green. But after learning about its health benefits, you’ll want to try this wonderful drink. White tea is produced from the plant Camellia Sinensis, however, as well as green and black. Once incredibly expensive and valuable tea could afford only to Royal family. Today tea is available to almost everyone, although the price is slightly higher than other “tea” representatives.

White tea is traditionally grown in the region of Fujian, China. The leaves of white tea are different in accordance with the tea varieties. There are numerous varieties of tea that can be simply divided into two categories:

Chinese white tea and white tea from other regions.

The benefits of white tea for health

The beneficial properties of white tea have been known since the Ming dynasty (about 1400). It is made from immature tea leaves. The reason why it is called “white” lies in the silver fuzz that covers the buds of tea, then when drying becomes white. So, let’s talk about the benefits and advantages of white tea for your health.

White tea has antioxidant properties that prevent skin damage from sunlight. It strengthens the immune system and reduces cell damage. It protects the skin from free radicals. Some scientists also suggest that white tea is a very effective tool in the treatment of various forms of skin cancer!

Helps reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels. This, in turn, is beneficial to the heart. The researchers suggest that drinking 2 – 3 cups of such tea a day can reduce the risk of heart attacks by 50%.

Tea contains small amounts of fluoride and other important nutrients that have a beneficial effect on bones, teeth and gums. White tea reduces the risk of osteoporosis, dental plaque, caries and bad breath.

White tea is a natural killer of bacteria and viruses. Antioxidants boosts the immune system and protect the body from colds and flu, and help to ease the symptoms of HIV/AIDS.

The flavonoids found in the white tea inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Thus, consumption of white tea is useful in treating various types of cancer, especially colon cancer and skin cancer.

This tea also reduces the level of sugar in the blood, respectively, reduces the risk of diabetes. It helps reduce stress levels and increase energy potential, increased speed of a metabolism.

White tea for weight loss

As mentioned above, white tea controls the level of cholesterol in the blood, which is the main reason of obesity and related diseases. The results of one study in 2009 proved the positive effect of white tea on fat cells of the human body. It inhibits the growth of fat cells, but also destroys already existing. White tea has become quite popular and is used in a variety of diets. However, it should be noted that one use of tea is not everything. You must also exercise and eat only healthy food. So, let’s talk about the specific advantages of white tea for weight loss.

1. White tea is naturally sweet and delicious drink. You don’t need to add milk, cream, sugar and other sweeteners to improve taste and aroma. So, replacing the usual black tea white, you have the advantage of a healthy natural drink without adding sugar. The less sugar you consume, the more weight you lose.

2. Helps to reduce the blood pressure level, thus facilitating the work of the heart. The heart is responsible for the overall working condition of the body. And the healthier the heart, the more active workouts you can afford.

3. Contains no calories or fat. This drink is perfectly refreshing and thirst quenching.

4. Suppresses the appetite. A Cup of tea instead of a snack will not only satisfy your hunger, but will also supply the body with all necessary vitamins and microelements.

5. White tea is a rich source of polyphenols. These little chemicals improve the speed of metabolism.

So white tea is a great refreshing drink that has huge advantages. It will also help you to lose weight in conjunction with diet and sports training. White tea should occupy the first place in the drinks section, if you set a goal to lose weight. White tea help you lose weight in a natural and practical manner. One has only to try this drink, and he will forever be your companion for life.

How to choose white tea, where to buy

White tea is much more expensive than any other, so it is unlikely that you will consume it daily, but it’s worth it to acquire him for treats at the weekend or on other special occasions.

White tea has two versions: a traditional budset white tea (Fujian Silver needle, Anhui, etc.) and a modern new style leaf white tea. They are not interchangeable and are very different. Supplied in several versions, and they can vary significantly in price. Bai Hao Yin Zhen (Silver threads), Gong Mei (eyebrows offerings), Bai Mu Dan (white peony), Bai LUN Zhu (white pearls) are the best varieties, and they often also are the most popular.

If you are new to drinking white tea. it is a good way to start is to buy a set of teas from Chinese online shop. Thus, you can try small amounts of different varieties and find the best option. White tea can be purchased as loose and briquetted or bags. However, if there is no marking, beware, beware of imitations.

How to brew white tea

Be absolutely sure that your fresh white tea, Packed in a quality sealed containers as possible. Keep it in a dry, cool and dark to prevent oxidation. White tea is not stored for many years, as black, it must be consumed within six months from the date of purchase.

Select good quality water. If you live in an area with hard water, filter it before use. Hard water can destroy white tea, which has very delicate flavors.

Heat water until boiling, let it cool for five to eight minutes. From too high a water temperature of green tea will taste bitter; prefer longer time of soaking at a lower temperature, and not Vice versa. Check the water temperature. Before pouring boiling water on white tea, it should be no more than 70 ºc – 75 ºc .

Select a method for brewing white tea. Use basket Tea infuser, tea ball, or tea.

Put two teaspoons of white tea per Cup. Place the tea leaves in the basket infuser or teapot.

Leaves white kept a few of zavarivanje. First coset to last from 1 to 3 minutes, then pour the tea again and stand for 7-10 minutes. You can take the first time to withstand brewing 7-10 minutes, the result is full bodied.

White tea should be served with no additives. You can add milk or add sugar in a Cup of white tea, but a subtle flavor will be muted.

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