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About the taste of the tea talked for a long time, but the benefits of this drink even today opens its new facets. When a German physiologist Jakob Moleschott said: “Tea gives each individual determination, this drink increases the ability to process experience, and also has concentrated thinking.” And the amazing thing is that this is the conclusion he came back in the 18th century.

Today, thanks to huge advances in medicine, the use of quality tea study at the cellular level.

In the homeland of the drink, in China, has long been from mother to

daughter and grandmother to granddaughter passed not only the rules of the tea ceremony, but also a kind of the commandments, or rather the healing properties of tea.

So, after drinking this amazing drink, the Chinese noticed that it affects the human body, as medicines. In particular, the Cup quality svezhesvarennogo tea alleviates or denies headache, and also lowers the fatigue, even chronic. Those who suffer from alcohol addiction, is also advised to drink tea, because it weakens this ruinous passion. Especially tea is good for those who want to lose weight, with various additives because it controls the appetite. Iced tea eases the workload on the body in the heat, it refreshes and invigorates.

No need to prove the soothing properties of tea, perhaps, many of us noticed as one Cup of tea soothes, relieves stress, reduces the excitability.

The enzymes contained in tea help to break down fats, and green chimoose known as the best antioxidant. It rids the body of toxins, various toxins that enter the body with food, as well as contaminants from the environment.

Longevity tea and also similar terms, they can be considered synonyms. In China people live the longest.

The use of tea daily throughout life increases the level of the intellect, helps to concentrate, to Wake up, invigorates even better than coffee, so you shouldn’t eat black strong tea before bedtime.

Enzymes green tea can kill bacteria in the mouth, because of which there is a painful cavities. However, black tea leaves tooth enamel film, so after drinking tea will not hurt to eat an Apple.

Very interesting use of tea in numbers, which has been proved by doctors and scientists. So, 4 cups strong black tea perfectly protect from daily stress, they help to reduce levels of the hormone responsible for stress by 50%.

Only two weeks of regular daily consumption of black or green tea significantly increases the immune system. Just one Cup of black tea a day reduces by 46% the risk of heart attack.

Green tea is called the elixir of eternal youth and beauty. All thanks to the fact that it contains large amounts of antioxidants, they protect the body from aging. Green leaf tea burns fat cells and accelerates metabolism. Due to a large content of salt of hydrofluoric acid, and other micronutrients. Green tea has a positive effect on bone in the human body.

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