Green tea benefits and harms, caloric.

Calorie green tea

Green tea is considered in academic circles as one of foods that promote health and longevity, particularly because when processed, it undergoes minimal oxidation, keeping the bulk of the contained minerals, vitamins and other bioactive substances.

Calories: 100 g of product contains 0 calories.

Nutritional value:

proteins: 0,0 g;

fat: 0,0 g;

carbohydrates: 0,0 g

The benefits and harms of green tea

Information about the beneficial properties of green tea was known thousands of years ago. It was used as traditional medicine when it was necessary to stop the bleeding, heal wounds to regulating body temperature and the amount of sugar in the blood.

Varieties of green tea are numerous and each has its own beneficial properties. Most use this product tangible, if you brew the leaves of spring flush and kidneys.

Today science has proven the ability of the beverage to strengthen the immune and nervous system, improve sleep, vision, reaction speed, speed up the thought processes, to stimulate creativity and enhance the ability to concentrate for a long time, to increase the level of sexual energy, relieve depression, increase heart function, relieve spasms of cerebral vessels, fight against excess weight. Among other things, useful than green tea, in particular the Japanese, it is worth noting the ability to remove strontium-90 from the human body, barbireau it. The benefits of green tea with regard to radiation exposure and anti-cancer properties, no doubt. Although the mechanisms of its influence just yet unclear.

After all of the above to talk about the dangers of drink difficult. Nevertheless, to circumvent this issue also should not be. Like other products, green tea is good in moderation, that is, do not abuse it. The symptoms of so-called tea intoxication when the harm green tea is especially vivid, nausea, dizziness. lack of energy, etc. By the way, with alcohol, the product mix also is not necessary: this leads to the formation in the kidneys of toxic substances. Not recommended to consume green tea on an empty stomach: in this case, it may cause irritation.

In addition, women who are pregnant and people suffering from anemia or nervous exhaustion, drink to drink only after consulting a physician, since it is unknown what damage tea can cause the body in this case.

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