Ginger tea for weight loss, diet menu, reviews and results

Diet ginger tea is very popular among women of different age groups. And it is not surprising, because in addition to losing weight, this technique contributes to the overall improvement of the body. Increasing metabolic process and helping burning extra pounds, ginger tea boosts the immune system and activates the body’s defenses during the exacerbation of acute respiratory diseases.

Ginger diet: fast facts

The diet: ginger tea, about 2 liters a day.

Type of diet: a balanced.

Duration: 1-2 months.

Weight loss: 1-2 pounds per week.

Costs: one of the cheapest ways of losing weight.

Limitations: moderate consumption of fatty and sweet.

The result: a gradual get rid of extra pounds, beautiful complexion, improving skin condition and overall health.

The miracle plant of the ginger!

Ginger root has long been known for its beneficial properties. It is proved that this unique plant has a truly miraculous effect on the human body. It has anti-cancer properties, improves circulation, moralize metabolism, eliminates toxins and prevents the development of peptic ulcer disease.

The tonic effect of ginger tea stimulates the body and elevates the mood. Promoting detoxification and normalization of metabolism, ginger improves the complexion and helps to get rid of excess weight. Enhancing cerebral circulation, ginger root improves memory and speeds up thought processes. In addition, the ginger to treat most skin diseases, relieves headaches, increases mental resistance in stressful situations and great fights with nausea and seasickness. In men, ginger improves potency, cures for infertility, has beneficial effects on the liver and thyroid gland. The healing properties of this miraculous plant is recognized as the most ancient and modern medical system.

In Africa the crushed root ginger is used as a disinfectant and pain reliever. In our country it is a versatile plant used for cooking almost all meals, teas and drinks. Dry ginger powder is present in many confectionery products, pickled ginger indispensable for sushi and rice dishes, and fresh ginger root is an excellent addition to soups and sauces, giving a spicy taste and promote complete digestion.

Ginger tea — “magic wand” for weight loss

Ginger tea for weight loss first began to be used in the East. According to Tibetan beliefs, this drink is actively struggling with excess weight, thanks to its warming and stimulates circulation properties. While conventional medicine believes that to lose weight with ginger can be due to the content in its composition of essential oils enhances the metabolism in the body and have a beneficial effect on the skin.

Diet ginger tea: weight loss and stronger immunity

Losing weight on ginger drink is an ideal way of losing excess weight for those people who cannot benefit from traditional diets to severely restrict calories. Ginger diet doesn’t require any major changes in diet and the selection of special products. For efficient burning extra pounds enough to eat during the day, along with the main food, ginger tincture is the most popular drink in Tibet. It is believed that ginger tea with lemon and honey, drunk in the morning, tones and invigorates even better than coffee.

The ginger essence of the diet is to use during the day at least 2 liters of ginger drink made by a special recipe.

The best result of losing excess weight allows to achieve the following diagram of the intake of this tea.

Brewed with evening drink to drink in the morning on an empty stomach, 30 minutes before Breakfast. Breakfast, lunch, lunch and dinner is resolved in different products. In view of the fact that ginger gives satiation and appetite suppressant, to overeat is unlikely to succeed. Throughout the day, in between meals, you must often drink ginger tea in small SIPS. Bedtime should drink 1-2 cups of dietary drink.

Diet ginger tea lasts for more than 1 month, however, given its lightness and balance, this period flies by. Little or no change to their traditional way of life, You gradually shed the extra pounds and forget about them for a long time. If ginger diet to add a small physical exercise or unsubscribe from flour and sweet, ginger tea for weight loss will give stunning results.

Ginger diet is safe, however, contraindications to its use exist. This pregnancy, breastfeeding, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal diseases.

Ginger tea for weight loss: miracle drink recipe

It is known that the properties of ginger infusion depend on the proportions and method of brewing. Today there are several recipes for ginger tea for weight loss, each of which deserves special attention.

Recipe No. 1

Ginger is rubbed on a grater, put in a thermos and poured hot water at the rate of 2 teaspoons minced ginger 1 liter of water. The composition is infused one hour, after which it is ready for use. This drink is accepted by 100 grams a half hour before meals and every 2 hours during the day. To achieve faster results in this beverage is added a bag of herb Senna, which has a light cleansing effect.

Recipe No. 2

To prepare ginger tea for weight loss the second method, you need to slice the ginger thinly, fill it with clean water, bring to a boil over low heat and cook for 15 minutes. After cooling of the drink to body temperature, add honey and lemon juice. Losing weight with ginger tea, prepared according to this recipe, has its followers even in Hollywood, where this drink has added various herbs. For example, the famous actress demi Moore is drinking ginger tea with added mint and lemon balm and leaves only positive feedback from this drink.

Recipe No. 3

The next way of making tinctures for weight loss is a ginger drink with spices, to make necessary immediately before use tea. On the tip of a knife into the drink you can add ground cloves or ground black pepper and drink it half an hour before meals, 100 – 150 grams.

Recipe № 4

The correct ginger tea for weight loss for those who wish to get rid of large amounts of extra pounds. Ginger tea, prepared according to this recipe, besides the ginger includes still and garlic. To achieve the desired result, you should observe the following proportions: a teaspoon of grated ginger, a teaspoon of grated garlic and 1 litre of hot water. This mixture infuse in a thermos half an hour, filtered and accepted throughout the day every two hours.

As evidenced by numerous reviews, ginger slimming tea is the favorite drink of most modern women, the use of which gives positive results within a week, minus 1-3 kilograms. Diet ginger drink is recognized as the simplest way safe and gradual weight loss allows not only to reduce weight, but also improve the entire body, strengthen the immune system and increase the speed of metabolic function.

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