Ginger tea benefits and harms

Ginger tea is a delicious and healthy drink for weight loss. Free amino acids, vitamins and minerals included in it, have a beneficial effect on the body. For many years scientists have explored it and came to the conclusion: the

benefits and harms of ginger tea depends on the method of preparation, frequency of administration and the presence of chronic disease.

Pregnant women are recommended brewing green tea with a little ginger root in the morning sickness in the first trimester. However, the abuse of ginger can be dangerous to the fetus, since it contributes to liquefaction of the blood and the acceleration of metabolic processes in the body.

Ginger tea contraindications, unfortunately, also has. This disease of the gastrointestinal tract, pathology of the nervous system (insomnia, irritability), disorders in the endocrine and cardiovascular systems. Also it is undesirable to drink this drink in the second and third trimester of pregnancy and during lactation.

Popular recipes

How to prepare ginger tea tell the organizers of the tea ceremonies. In Asia it is considered that a properly prepared drink promotes inner harmony of man, improves the complexion, helps to get in great shape and prolong the years of life. So ginger is only brewed in a porcelain kettle, maintaining the water temperature not exceeding 45 degrees.

Popular recipe of ginger tea in China like this: to a purified ginger root you need to add green tea varieties Loon Ching in equal proportions, pour warm water, leave for 1.5 minutes and drink for the morning meal.

Some methods of weight loss drink ginger tea during dinner or before bedtime. However, it is not right because ginger has a refreshing, toning properties. People regularly drinking this drink in the afternoon, you may suffer from insomnia.

Japanese brewed ginger tea for colds, because it really cleans the respiratory tract. The recipe is simple: 10 cm grated ginger lay in a glass teapot or French press, add green tea, dried mint (lemon balm, sage, thyme). Pour hot water (the temperature should not exceed 60 degrees). Insist and drink, sweetened with light honey. With a strong cough during maker allowed bring water to a boil.

Helps to normalize the metabolism ginger tea with lemon and lime. For its preparation should be cleaned ginger root (about 5 cm), grind in a blender to a liquid slurry, then take two lemons and four limes and use them to make juice in a juicer. Mix the ingredients, add a pinch of white and pinch of red and green tea. Heat on the hob in an enamel pot, cold water (300 ml). Bring to a boil. Off. Pour into a clean container. Infuse for 3 minutes and drink. To make this drink is recommended every morning.

Cook delicious ginger tea for weight loss simple. There are many different recipes. Someone more to taste a combination of red or black tea with ginger, and someone who appreciates the elegance of white or green tea combined with the spicy taste of ginger root. The Chinese model is recommended to brew a Bud tea, add thin slices of the root and spices to taste. In order to find your way of cooking, you need to experiment with different ingredients. Main principle: the components should be in harmony among themselves.

Girl engaged in fitness on a professional level, prepare ginger drink. promoting the active burning calories during your workout. Ginger root finely chopped, add one fresh chili pepper, some lemon and a piece of the Apple cultivar “Granny Smith”. Pour 400 ml of boiling water. Insist on for 10 minutes. Drink 2 times a day for one glass of chilled drink before training. To maintain a healthy weight, it helps to add ginger in herbal infusions. Delicious combination of ginger root with Melissa, the mother-and-stepmother, oregano.

Before you consume ginger, it is necessary to avoid possible allergic reactions.

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