Ginger tea

Cold. Very cold. And it seems that everything around was covered with blue, blue with frost. Why frost? Why frost? After all, it could be for example the snow. No, the snow he lopaty, he sweeps to the side of the road, quenches the hearts of anxiety. And frost look, and look not take.

Oh, what is sometimes beautiful winter. And the view from the dance of the snowflakes not take. Mesmerizing and

opinion not to take, but it’s yours and not yours this winter. She is a stranger. A strange celebration of life that you’ve longed for. And so you want to get your dream, dream. to heart warmed that people share, but something to share when he does not have. It seems that so many have lost that and have nothing to give others.

Holiday, a holiday. Holy day. New year, Valentine’s day, so much joy all around, and inside you’re empty. Some right the abyss. Look at it and see what’s going to go can not. And so you want to go. Just go on his way. Only no one knows how it sometimes pick up and go. That means you need to lie down, to sit and think.

The rest, I guess, sometimes the only way to survive from himself. Where is he the solution? And who knows? Walking, walking in circles, no way out you find. Begin to run from themselves, and to escape does not work. And how I want to run away. Nowhere, from his inflamed ego. Yes there is no escape from yourself. From this enemy unable to escape.

– Cold. It’s so cold. Yes as it is not heated, the colder. Well, I guess it’s the coming of my winter. And her name oblivion. Perhaps this is the end or the beginning of the tunnel.

“You really think so?

I don’t think. I already forgot about it. So I remember.

– What do you remember?

– We always have something to remember.

– Leave me alone. I’m cold. My faith is cold. My heart fell asleep. The user name with blue frosting. And I began to freeze along with them. I have no more strength.

Yeah. Well what can I tell ya. You’re your own judge and justice. Decided to freeze – pomerani. Get what you want. And not afraid? Tell me you are not afraid to get what you want?

– I’m afraid of scary.

– It’s scary to be afraid of?

– When just scared, and ready to fall into the abyss.

– And you go, martni, fall into the abyss. I your arm will stretch.

Yes, salvation does not exist. Even here, lying in bed, I will not let go even in sleep. Why I can’t get no peace. Wherever I go, although to go about me it is now loudly, the rest I have not. No, it’s what I hear most often. Circle no, no, no. It seemed that in such a short period of time I heard. There is no way. What can I say. When nothing to say, except something to say. Looks like I’ve gone crazy. Talking to myself.

– What are you. You’re not crazy. Don’t be afraid, we are with you. We are with you, hear me.

Tomorrow just go to a psychiatrist. They say that in such cases helps.

And tomorrow I still have time. Give me time until tomorrow.

– Look, can you at least introduce yourself, and don’t feel somehow. I can’t see but only hear. Who are you?

– I’m an angel.

– Come on. You can’t hear me you can’t joke about. I will not tolerate that.

– I’m an angel, I told you. And this is no joke.

– So the angels, they’re there with wings, and in General, they have a halo over his head. You can see them somehow. I can’t see you. And I believe you.

– However, I did not in vain warned the Seraphim in the heavenly office that you should be gentle. Some you’re all prickly, br-R-R. Jerzy and tender.

– And what is not? Here take it and shoot it. And all Kolya, Kolya, Kolya.

– How long you will all stick? Can we stop now?

– Not enough. I’m tired of suffering, you know. I go crazy from the pain. She drives me crazy. I can’t sleep at night. And can’t really walk.

– Oh,she-she. The same I problem. To walk and she can’t half asleep. And I do not know what to go and sleep.

Go jog with someone else. And leave me alone. What am I even in sleep there is no peace.

– Why do you think I’m joking with you or sucking up. Don’t you know that angels don’t sleep and don’t go. Like would read so much and not know.

– Much has been written about angels, this is approximate only. About You write about You can guess.

– So sharp you on the language, except with the angels talk like that. I come to you with all my heart, and you. Oh you. Okay, okay. I’ll be easy on you. Still you’ve been through a lot. All of these tests, medications, some endless doctors. Well, this will bring your result in due time. You can trust me.

– Are you asking or stating?

– Please, don’t torture me with its endless mysteries. Don’t you see how I’m knackered. Look at me. I don’t know myself. I can’t live. Tired. Go away. Let me sleep. At least for a while.

“But you’re stubborn. It’s hard with you.

– You’re easy? Arriving here in the middle of the night. Do not give sleep. Not letting me drag out their mortal existence in the shell of selfishness. I didn’t call!

-Cheating. You asked God for help, only for this reason I’m here. Remember:”Ask, and it shall be given”.

“Well I asked God. And you’re an angel!

– Selfish! Do you know how many God things. Will he still for you to walk. He has things to do.

“Sorry about that.

– Excuse. There’s no well. Still I’m an angel, not a man. Want some respect. I think you’d still be able to respect. You know, your parents that taught you. Come on, come on, remember.


-Everything! And everything, everything in its time works out for you. Just trust me.

– Tell, how not to sleep and not to go? I wouldn’t be able!

– Interesting you. I think it’s hard?

– Why you don’t sleep and don’t go?

– Do not go because fly. They say there is in the heavenly office in our lobby, you know that? Angels fly to avoid obstacles. All you on the shoulder when you fly.

“I see, but I want to go.

– Want, would be.

It hurts.

– What were you thinking. Everything of value has its price. Apparently it’s yours.

– Interesting you.

– Why angels don’t sleep?

– We never sleep, ‘ cause our time’s eternity. It is the intention of the Creator.

– You can make me warm?

– Let’s drink ginger tea and warm up. We have in the book folk medicine heavenly office recorded this tea as a prescription for sinners with icy nerves. Know it. Yes, now you know a lot. Illness forced you to think about what is important and what is secondary. Now you really understand it, so here I will not say.

– Do you like ginger tea?

“I’ll call you Ginger! Can?

I don’t mind.

“I know, I lived here long your thoughts, plans, somewhere illusions, you know. Lived, and now I see. Was blown up.

– You said you don’t take care of everything.

Yeah I didn’t take everything, just somewhere certainly overestimated himself. Here and pay the price. I’m willing to pay. Maybe tonight is the night, when you boil down all the scores.

“I won’t tell you. We are forbidden to talk all the details. Only on specific job can produce information.

“So why are you flew to me, Ginger?

In order to warm you. I came to you, to lend you a helping hand. So you got up and went forward without fear of the consequences with pure intentions, with light thoughts, loving people. You’ve got enough to hurt. Your time has come. Look, stop feeling sorry about winter. You have so many winters ahead. So many God have planned for you. You have so much to do here on earth. You can do a lot, it’s time. Your time has come. Come on, you can. Because God loves you. Because he is always with you.

– How delicious it is, this is your tea, Ginger! He dispelled doubt he warmed the icy nerves, I begin to recover. God heard my cries. But why I so nearly fell ill?

Is God all the time gives. You gave this way to you on it went towards the light and came to many victories. Well, obviously this is your path. After all, we don’t get on the wrong path, even when on the road with many forks. Hearing the voice of God become stronger.

-I want to sleep, and where it started to go away this unbearable pain. It dissolves with the darkness. As though it never was.

And just try to completely forget about it. You don’t think, but know that it was in your life. So you will always appreciate it. You paid the price. Go ahead. Go always forward. I must go, call for the next job.

-Goodbye, Ginger.

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