Ginger benefits and harms, what is useful and ginger tea from fresh ginger root

Today about ginger not only knows the one who has never had sushi. But in any cafe sushi in popularity breaking all records. Wonder wonderful, a wonder of wonders ginger came to us from Asia several thousand years ago. In Sanskrit ginger means “universal remedy”. Roman noblemen was saved from the consequences of overeating exactly ginger, sailors

were treated against sea sickness, ginger was given to pregnant women to alleviate the symptoms of toxicosis. And with all this ginger cope still.

Sharp specific smell and taste explain in its composition of essential oil. They are active on the digestive system. Hence the popularity of ginger among those losing weight. In addition, ginger contains vitamins C, A, B1, B2, minerals, essential amino acids. Hence all the beneficial properties of ginger.

In our body the ginger acts as a bomb. Powerful multivitamin composition literally explodes. It instantly activates all that is possible to intensify. The body begins to work through all the systems, all the reserves. And most importantly, no need for it to gnaw him to madness. Enough to eat a small piece.

Chew, gnaw, crunch, add in ginger tea for colds

It has strong anti-inflammatory properties, strengthens the immune system. This is due to the high content of vitamin C. the First signs of a cold can be crushed hot tea with ginger and honey or a teaspoon of grated ginger. The easiest way is to simply chew a piece of fresh root.

In addition to the cold, any infection, inflammation, toothache, pain in joints and muscles, bronchitis, cough, fever, arthritis cope with all that ginger. For that ginger should not only have, but to apply a compress of it.

Ginger for good mood, good sleep and nerves

Sort of a natural anti-stress. Ginger gives a feeling of vigor, surge of strength, energy. Interestingly, it can be eaten or added to tea before bedtime to relax the nervous system, and in the morning – for the tone.

Ginger is an analgesic

It copes with different types of pain:

with migraine. If at the initial stage of kindling pain to eat a little ginger, this process will cease to grow, the pain will go away;

with muscle pain. The researchers concluded that regular consumption of ginger reduces pain after exercise by 25%;

with periodic pain in women;

with pain in the joints;

with intestinal and stomach cramps;

with a toothache, etc.

Ginger instead of “rejuvenating apples”

Antioxidants in the composition of ginger help rejuvenate the entire body. In this sense, it is useful not only eat, but to cook from it for a facial mask. Such masks tone the skin, making it firmer and more elastic, reducing the number and size of wrinkles. Ginger displays the body of all toxins and harmful substances.

But not only women’s ginger returns to his youth. One of the most important of its properties – the restoration of male power. Ginger increases the potency. From here flows gently another property is a natural aphrodisiac that acts equally on men and women. Therefore, for family happiness in a romantic dinner, take a pinch of ginger.

Ginger for weight loss

It activates the digestion, accelerate metabolism, and it mainly promotes weight loss. With its calorie – 80 calories per 100 g – ere not play any role. A day of the 100 g will take you less than 20 g.

Ginger lowers the risk of bowel cancer! Ginger thins the blood and prevents blood clots.

Who can not eat ginger?

Indeed, the ginger can be considered a universal remedy. But, paradoxically, not for everyone. Primarily for people with a weak stomach and intestine. Those essential oils and phenols, which are rich in spice, irritate mucous membranes, which can lead to exacerbations of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Strict contraindication — a stomach ulcer.

Another side effect of ginger is heartburn. Also, it can cause diarrhea. In addition, ginger provokes the secretion of bile, so people suffering from gallstone disease, is to abandon it. Since one of the properties of ginger can thin the blood, people with poor blood clotting, it is better to replace this spice in your diet to something more secure.

Skin rash, peeling, dryness can also be caused by an overdose of ginger. In some cases there is blurred vision, disturbance of the rhythm of the heartbeat, insomnia, mood swings. Simply put, all its positive properties address to the detriment, if not to know the steps. And this is not take it a rule to eat every day a piece of the “horned root”. Add it to different dishes. Use and ground, and fresh and dried ginger. Then it will be for you a pleasant and useful spice.

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