Flavored Apple jam and chernoplodku

Many gardeners often wonder what food is concerned, it is possible to do from chokeberry and whether it is necessary to use this tart berries on the farm. Let’s try to answer these questions.

Chokeberry (Aronia) is extremely useful. Its fruits contain: vitamins b, P,E,C, phenolic acids, pectin, fiber, trace elements such as iodine, manganese, copper, potassium and others. Useful its application in atherosclerosis, allergies, diabetes, hypertension. Its juice is used to treat radiation sickness. Apply it and system restore blood clotting to

stop bleeding of various etiologies.

However, it should be noted that chokeberry is contraindicated in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, especially stomach ulcer. Limited its use and hypotonic because its juice and pulp reduce blood pressure. Thus, thanks to a set of useful properties addicting chernoplodku in the diet as preparations for the winter very justified.

Most often the fruits are used as raw material for wine. In addition to homemade wine from chernoplodku skillful hostess marmalade and jams to sweet winter table. Recipes again a lot, but there are some mandatory rules, the so-called “secrets” of making jam from Aronia melanocarpa. Fruit for blanks must be collected before or during the first frost – so the tartness is more spicy, the beans must be unspoiled and dense (wet, limp, damaged should not be used).

It is recommended that before using for cooking jam or any other workpiece Rowan for a day to put in the freezer – again, this will reduce the astringency or even help to completely get rid of it. Chernoplodku in jam good with various additives, such as: apples, gooseberry, lemon, etc.

Jam chernoplodku with apples


Sorbus and Aronia

1kg sugar 1kg

apples 2 – 3 PCs (medium size)

water 1 Cup

fresh leaves of cherries 2 handfuls

cinnamon, vanilla


Clean the leaves of the cherry pour running cold water and on low heat bring to a boil, then filter the leaves, in consequence, to use for boiling the berries and syrup.

The fruits of chernoplodku and apples (finely chopped) in a pot with boiling syrup for a few minutes, cool in cold water, let drain and place in a container for cooking.

Prepare the syrup: 2 cups “cherry water”, add 500 grams of sugar. The mixture bring to a boil and boil for 10-15 minutes.

The obtained syrup pour over the fruit and cook in a few times for 3-4 minutes boiling every. 15-20 minutes before end of cooking (last visit), add a pinch of cinnamon or vanilla at its discretion and taste.

Pour into prepared flavorful jam in a specially prepared sterilized containers.

Wait for winter and enjoy a savory useful jam. Or: not waiting for winter days to serve as an additive to tea, pancakes, oladoshka.

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