FEATURES AND benefits of GREEN TEA Japan House

Even Buddhist monks in ancient times it was recognized healing properties of green tea and used it as a medicine.

In these days’s attention to the useful qualities of the tea plant became manifest after Japan’s first international Symposium on the study of tea, held in August 1991 in Shizuoka Prefecture. Scientists have confirmed that green tea has anti-cancer and antibacterial properties and also helps to slow down the aging process.

The main feature of green tea is a significant content of vitamins A, C and E. Vitamin C it contains 3-4 times more than spinach, vitamin A is about 10

times more than carrots (content per 100g). Besides, when you consider that vitamin C does not lose its properties when exposed to high temperatures, green tea can be attributed to highly valuable food products. In green tea are many other useful components such as, for example, potassium, calcium, flavonoids, fluoride, vegetable fiber, etc. in addition, green tea contains catechins, caffeine and tannin.

Catechin is a component that allows tea appears astringent taste. However, it delays the development of some diseases, inhibits the formation of lipids that contribute to aging, and reduces the content of cholesterol in the blood. Catechin has also antibacterial properties. To verify this, it suffices to rinse a throat. You can make tea with about 1/3 normal strength (for rinsing, you can use black tea). By the way, the content of catechins in tea Sencha is much higher compared to other varieties, like gyokuro and Bancha.

Caffeine is a component that contains the bitterness. It helps relieve fatigue, and in more recent times there are assumptions about its anti-cancer properties.

Tannin . which is a type of amino acid, green tea provides a unique pleasant taste. It strengthens memory, increases the ability to concentrate, has a beneficial effect on blood pressure. If for 30-40 minutes before You get down to relaxation, drink green tea, You will come to peace.

I must say that the components of green tea vary depending on the season of gathering the leaves. In young shoots contain a lot of tannin and vitamins, and of catechins and caffeine contains less. In the leaves collected in summer, the content of catechins and caffeine slightly increases.

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