Coffee benefits and harms – opinion without fanaticism and facts

Millions of people around the world start their day with a Cup of coffee. This drink will captivate their aroma, taste and rich color. For decades scientists interested in the benefits and harms of coffee. But this account is still there.

Coffee benefits and harms

Those who love coffee, claim that this drink is not harmful, but rather beneficial to the body. Indeed, from coffee improves mood and performance,

as the drink stimulates the brain and improves circulation. In addition, coffee is able to deal with muscle and headaches.

Many are interested in coffee lowers or increases the pressure? And here opinions are divided. On the one hand, this drink is used to increase pressure in hypotensive patients. However, some scientists say machigonne property coffee, and this means that the pressure may be reduced.

The coffee opponents argue that it negatively affects the skin color and is addictive, like drugs. And they are also right. A big role plays the quality and quantity of the drink.

Recent studies indicate that coffee can protect from heart attack and diabetes. However, there is another study that revealed a genetic intolerance to coffee. Those people in the body which are slow enzymes, processing of coffee, increases the risk of heart attack. Safe number can only be considered 1 Cup of this drink a day.

Large doses of coffee can also cause nervousness and insomnia.

The composition of coffee

In the composition of coffee is not only caffeine, and a number of chemical compounds. It comes with such acids as acetic, citric, coffee. Distinctive taste to this drink gives chlorogenic acid.

The strength of the aroma depends on essential oils, which are activated during the roasting beans. Tannin gives a bitter coffee taste.

The main component of coffee is, of course, caffeine. It excites scientists and ordinary people. The fact that the substance can be considered a drug and a tonic. It explains such a strong attachment some people to coffee.

Calorie coffee

If we talk about the problem of excess weight, the caloric content of coffee is negligible and practically equal to zero. 200 ml of the drink may contain 1-3 calories depending on the variety. However, the drinks based on coffee, such as cappuccino or latte, you can have more than 50 calories, as they contain milk and sugar.

Coffee for weight loss

Many argue that this drink helps them not to score, and sometimes even to reduce weight. Coffee is capable of such “miracles” as a result of caffeine. He, like many drugs, blunts hunger.

Today you can meet a special coffee marked “for weight loss”. It is manufactured as a medicine in the pharmaceutical companies. Usually in the beverage composition contains other additives, among which orange, spices, pectin, guarana and chromium. The effect of this drink is also associated with blunting hunger, thus you can lose up to 5 kg weight in a month.

Cons a “therapy” that people only lose weight when drinking such coffee. Once it disappears from the diet, the appetite returns. Dangerous and strong psychological dependence, possible fear of excess weight when depopulation another drink cans.

Coffee during pregnancy

On the question of how can pregnant women drink coffee, you should definitely give a negative answer. In an interesting position should not consume caffeine-containing products, among them not only the coffee, but also chocolate, energy drinks, and cocoa. And here’s why:

Beverage increases blood pressure, which affects the fetus.

During pregnancy is not desired diuretic effect of coffee together with the liquid leaving the body of important minerals.

Heartburn is a common problem for expectant mothers. Coffee itself is able to trigger this phenomenon, as it has a good ability to increase the acidity of the stomach.

Is it possible to coffee pregnant labeled “decaffeinated”? This inscription is the only advertising course, drink caffeine, but in smaller amounts. So get involved they shouldn’t.

How to reduce the harm of coffee?

Should completely abandon this drink to people with gastric ulcer. The fact is that, coffee on an empty stomach may aggravate the disease.

If a person cannot completely do without coffee, you should replace coffee. The caffeine content depends on the variety. So, Arabica contains almost 30% less than “Robusta”.

The caffeine in coffee grounds can be reduced by using this method of preparation: pour it with water, bring to boil 1 time and immediately pour into cups. So caffeine won’t have time to go to drink in large quantities.

But it is best to use coffee as a cosmetic tool. After all, it is an excellent basis for the preparation of scrubs, masks and compresses. So you can save not only health, but also the youth, and beauty of their skin.

And in the course of the article I found interesting design:

pics a Cup of coffee — «first, the benefit and joy»

coffee — it is a joy, warm hands, will make you happy……

pics a Cup of coffee — «then trouble and stuff»

And finally the temptation… temptation… a Cup of coffee into temptation….

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