Cocoa benefits and harms

Cocoa. we all know from childhood, his taste, not coffee with milk and hot chocolate, and something special! However, few people know that cocoa “big brother” chocolate — can bring both benefit and harm. Will tell you more about that.

The benefits and harms of cocoa are defined active substances, which enter into its composition. And most

importantly — their number, which you allowed yourself to eat. In other words, almost all healthy components of cocoa can be extremely harmful if you abuse this product.

The use of cocoa

Like many products, cocoa the benefits and harms are not determined by the components and the substances in its composition, and their dose. The earliest use of cocoa is obvious – with a Cup of cocoa, we notice how our mood rises. The thing is that its part of a natural antidepressant — phenylethylamine. Cocoa is capable of charging us with energy in the morning, let the caffeine content in it is not as large as in coffee. In cocoa contains protein, vitamins, zinc, iron and folic acid (very useful and necessary during pregnancy).

The use of cocoa is its ability to produce endorphins in the body — the hormone of joy” – so necessary for us to maintain a good mood and energy. In cocoa contains natural pigment — melanin that protects the skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Cocoa is rich in procyanidins, which are responsible for healthy and elastic skin. The use of cocoa valued hypertensive, as this drink helps to reduce the pressure.

Cocoa is a high-calorie foods in 100g cocoa powder contains 400 calories. That is why it is necessary to drink in the morning to recharge for the day.

The use of cocoa estimated beauticians and cosmetic companies, the nutritional properties of the cocoa used in all sorts of shampoos to give your hair Shine and healthy look. In the composition of many face creams contain cocoa. In the SPA-salons also evaluated the use of cocoa, massage and wraps made on the basis of cocoa butter.

What’s the harm cocoa?

Harm cocoa is primarily to the presence in its composition of purines. Themselves purines even beneficial to the body, they monitor the preservation of genetic information, are responsible for the metabolism and processing of proteins. But the fact that the concentration of purines in the body should not be exceeded. The excess of purines in the body contributes to the salt deposits in the joints, accumulation of uric acid and diseases of the genitourinary system.

Let’s list who is to be careful and not to drink cocoa:

children up to 3 years;

people suffering from diabetes, atherosclerosis, multiple sclerosis, diarrhea adults;

obese people (due to the high calorie content of the drink they had better give up cocoa);

people prone to stress and other diseases of the nervous system also shouldn’t use cocoa.

In a soluble cocoa contains many chemical additives and dyes. So you should drink only natural cocoa powder. Carefully choose the manufacturer of cocoa and carefully read the labels.

If you have no contraindications to this drink, drinking only a Cup of cocoa in the morning, you fill your body with energy and necessary nutrients.

Cocoa benefits and harms
Cocoa. we all know from childhood, his taste, not coffee with milk and hot chocolate, and something special! However, few people know that cocoa "big brother" chocolate — can bring…

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