Cocoa benefits and bred

Many people love the cocoa for its extraordinary flavor and a delicate froth. Received by the body from cocoa the benefits and harms are determined by the amount of consumed product. If you abuse this drink, the active substances in its composition, can have harmful or even dangerous effects on the body. In addition, has a value of product type, as cocoa industrial production is grown with the use of various fertilizers, and live cocoa is collected and

processed manually, so it is more valuable for the body.

The beneficial properties of cocoa

1. Drinking a Cup of cocoa in the morning, you can immediately notice that the mood is increased. This is due to the presence in the beverage natural antidepressant — phenylethylamine. Caffeine in cocoa a bit, but it is capable of charging the body with energy for a long time. A high content of calories in this product provides excellent saturation.

2. Chocolate drink contains melanin, this pigment protects the skin from harmful UV rays. This property makes cocoa effective in the treatment of sunburn. The use of cocoa for the skin lies in the fact that there are a lot of procyanidins — substances that are responsible for smoothness and elasticity of the skin.

3. Cocoa butter, the benefits and harms which are studied by scientists, is widely used in cosmetology. This product is added to shampoos that give a shiny and healthy look to hair, cream, contributing to the mitigation, recovery, nutrition, hydration of the skin. Cocoa butter is perfectly fights wrinkles, rejuvenates the skin, gently nourishes the area around the lips and eyes. Useful massage and wrap with the use of cocoa butter that make in beauty salons.

4. Cocoa in small amounts is useful for pregnant women, as it contains the necessary expectant mothers folic acid as well as protein, iron and zinc.

5. Organic cocoa, which is not subjected to heat treatment, is useful for people engaged in heavy physical work or sports. Due to the various substances entering into the composition of cocoa, this drink is capable to restore muscles after heavy exercise.

6. Proven beneficial effect of cocoa on cardiovascular system. Bioactive compounds in its composition reduce the agglutination of platelets, prevent damage to blood vessels, improve metabolism. One prolonged study showed that regular consumption of chocolate drink reduces the likelihood of death from cardiovascular disease by 50 percent.

7. Regular consumption of cocoa is an excellent prevention of stroke. Chocolate drink is able to enhance brain circulation, to improve the functioning of the brain, normalize blood pressure, increase blood flow in the cerebral vessels.

8. At cocoa high content of antioxidants, so this drink has the ability to prevent cancer and slow the aging process. In addition, the use of cocoa butter helps to heal abrasions and cuts.

9. Cocoa is very useful to use teenagers in puberty. Drunk for Breakfast a Cup of cocoa, gives the child the power and energy necessary for normal physical and intellectual development.

Harmful properties of cocoa

Cocoa beans: the benefits and harms — why are they more? It turns out that harmful properties of cocoa are not only its composition, but also with the technology of its processing. If the cocoa beans were processed by machines, their composition will be present harmful metals.

You should know that cocoa should not be consumed by children under three years of age. People suffering from kidney disease, constipation or diarrhea, diabetes, atherosclerosis, arthritis is not recommended to consume chocolate drink. Due to the high caloric content of the beverage from its use should be avoided for people suffering from obesity or being on diet.

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