Buckwheat with milk

Buckwheat porridge with milk is one of those dishes to which we are accustomed from childhood, namely kindergartens and schools. Despite the usefulness of this dish, lately cook it less and less, and the children of today, in the majority, refused this cereal. To rectify the situation and to instill a love of buckwheat will help our unusual recipes below.

Buckwheat with milk – recipe with cocoa

How to cook buckwheat with milk, which the child then wants to eat? This question torments thousands of caring mothers desperately trying to instill in her children a love of useful cereals. This recipe is sort of a cheat code, to fake, can make children of all ages to not only look in the direction of buckwheat porridge, but even to ask her supplements.


buckwheat – 1 tbsp.;

milk – 2 tbsp.;

water – 1 tbsp.;

cocoa powder – 1 tbsp;

butter – 2 tbsp. spoons;

2 tablespoons of sugar.


Buckwheat be welded, it is necessary to pour water into a saucepan, bring to the boil, then pour selected and washed before buckwheat. When the water boils for the second time, you should lower the heat and cook porridge for 10-15 minutes.

While the buckwheat is cooking, in a separate bowl, you need to prepare cocoa, putting the milk on the fire and adding cocoa powder to a boil. After adding the powder to stir milk and cook it on low heat for 3 minutes. Prepared buckwheat should fill with oil, add cocoa and mix all the ingredients.

Serve porridge with cookies, then she is eaten even faster.

Buckwheat porridge with milk – recipe in slow cooker

Most of the happy owners of multivarok don’t know how to cook buckwheat with milk in this adaptation. We will help tip to permanently solve this issue by providing the following simple recipe buckwheat porridge with milk to slow cooker.


buckwheat – 100 g;

milk – 450 ml;

butter (optional)– 20 g;

2 tablespoons of sugar;

salt – a pinch.


Buckwheat with milk in a slow cooker is cooked surprisingly fast and easy.

First we need to wash and sort out the rump, and then send it in a bowl multivarki. Behind the buckwheat should combine sugar, add oil and salt, then pour the milk and gently stir all the ingredients.

Next, you need to close the lid multivarki, to include a mode “milk porridge” and wait until you hear the signal informing about the end of the process. Usually porridge cooking in the slow cooker takes 25-30 minutes.

Our next recipe will appeal to anyone who loves fruits and leads a healthy lifestyle.

Cooking buckwheat porridge with milk and fruit


buckwheat – 80 g;

milk – 400 ml;

strawberry – 100 g;

kiwi – 1 PC.;

banana – 1 PC.


How to cook buckwheat? You first need to sort out and wash the cereal, pour the milk into a saucepan and wait until it boils, then add the buckwheat, reduce heat and cook porridge for 15-20 minutes.

While the buckwheat is cooking, you can do fruit. Kiwi and banana should be peeled, strawberries washed and separated from the ponytails. All fruit should be cut into half rings.

When the buckwheat is ready, you need to give her time to cool, pour into bowls and add to each portion of fruit. In this recipe no sugar, so the porridge, you can optionally sprinkle with honey or syrup. You can also substitute regular milk chocolate (or cocoa), then the porridge will have a light chocolate flavor. From this buckwheat with milk not able to refuse even the most picky child.

In addition to buckwheat porridge with milk, the cereal can be cooked a wonderful gentle grecanici. which will appeal to adults and children.

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