Blender Braun MQ 745

What can Braun MQ 745?

Using a blender Braun MQ 745 you in seconds chop and mix the various ingredients. Make shakes and smoothies, pinned ice, prepare soup or stuffing. Sharp knives will easily transform products of different hardness into a homogeneous mass.

Thanks to the several nozzles, which are included in the kit, you can prepare a wide range of dishes.

Using a hand blender and cook sauces, gravies, soups, homemade mayonnaise,

baby food, and mix the ingredients for different drinks or milkshakes. For best results, use maximum speed. You can mix the ingredients directly in the pot where boiled vegetables.

Using a hand whisk, whisk egg whites, cream, biscuit dough or dough for pastries, crepes and pancakes. Prepare original desserts in minutes. For best results, move the whisk clockwise, holding it slightly tilted. Start beating with a low speed (light touch) and gradually raise (strengthen press).

Use the chopper to cut cheese, onions, greens, nuts, carrots and other vegetables. Stainless steel knives will shred the greens for 5 seconds, and the cheese just 15! Solid products are better to grind at maximum speed.

Use a jug blender for chopping ice, cooking meat, wholesome smoothies from fruit and vegetables. Make a smoothie in just 60 seconds or cook the beef patties in just 30. Remember that before chopping need:

pre-cut meat, cheese, garlic, onion, etc;

remove the stems of greenery and shells from nuts;

remove bones, tendons and gristle from meat;

to check availability of anti-skid plate on the bowl of the chopper.

The usability and performance — the perfect combination

For the most comfortable use, the blender provides a revolutionary feature speed control — Smart Speed . You just click on the button: the stronger you push, the greater the speed of operation of the device. The handle is now only one button, so you can control the blender even with one hand.

PowerBell — faster and more efficient

Innovative patented PowerBell technology provides high-quality mixing and grinding. Stainless steel blades, located at the base of the nozzle is bell-shaped, are angled to maximize the mixing of the ingredients.

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